Association for Safer Drug Policies

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    Seems like the message on these is “do drugs responsibly”. The problem is a lot of drug users aren’t responsible. This is one of those messages that’s probably going to fall on deaf ears. I mean, two of these people overdosed so they’re already not being responsible.

    And how the hell did the one girl get LSD tested? Is that a thing you can do without involving someone that’s going to call the cops?

    I may be out of touch or this is bad campaign. I’m learning the latter of course.


    I too would like to know were LSD can be tested without negative repercussions.


    There are several legalization advocates online that will send you a test kit.
    There’s a Canadian guy on youtube who says he’ll send a kit to anyone who contacts him.
    Otherwise there are plenty of safe drug sites that sell testing kits.
    Like this one…


    The wonders of the internet, may they never cease. Thanks for the info.