For Valentine’s Day, Let’s Post About Chuck Norris

Nothing, NOTHING is more annoying than Valentine’s Day.  Maybe Christmas or perhaps Easter, and Thanksgiving is right up there too I guess.

Ok, most of the holidays just suck the life out of me when they happen, but VD is the worst, right?

For VD this year, I think some Chuck Norris Love/Hate is called for.  There’s already about 30 UpChuck posts in the hopper waiting, but as you can imagine, those are all masturbatory in nature, so find all the Chuck Norris memes and images you care to share and they’ll get posted on VD.

Best images get MCS+ for a month!


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    Never uploaded anything before. Will almost certainly do it wrong/dupe a post/do something else beyond the pale. Doing it anyway.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Sindig0

    I would rather set my own hair on fire than see yet another fucking chuck norris post.


    I think I called him a dick in mine, if that helps.


    If Tiki posts all of the CHUCK NORRIS memes that I have loaded and ready to go- I promise that I will delete my entire CHUCK NORRIS folder, and never post another CHUCK NORRIS post again. Ever. That’s about 90 posts. You’re welcome.


    Do it Tiki!


    2 votes!


    Valentines Day is from now on to be known as Official Blackmail Your Boyfriend for Swag Day (TM)


    Chuck Norris jokes began in WoW, in barrens chat, under Steve Bannon. They are literally white supremacist trial balloons. It’s how they test a mod’s tolerance for abusive behavior.


    I bet Tiki san is going to drink a fuck ton of booze in the next 48 hours lol


    Let’s not and say we didn’t.


    Better have your mother put a fresh gigantic diaper on your huge ass, baby-man. Make sure she uses lots of baby powder. We’ll all expect a lot of whining from you. As usual.

    Last edited 1 month ago by storminator

    Oh christ.


    Valentine’s Day is over. You can unpin this now.