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The only reason they’re crying is because they’re suffering consequences for their actions. They’d do it again in a heartbeat if they thought they’d get away with it.

tiki god

if you can see the video, there were like 20 other people there in a half dozen other trucks, no idea why it was only these two fuck nuts that got charged.


I think they organised the hate parade….


Good. Racists that decide it’s okay to terrorize children deserve to go to prison. They can either reform or stay there.


Unfortunately, the people who go to prison for hate crimes tend to hang out with the mega-racists for protection from prisoners of color. This radicalizes them. We have not heard the last of these two.


I think they should be beaten with a cane like in Singapore but 35 years in jail for being a asshole….if this is real, its a little much.


It was 13 years for him and 6 years for her.