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    What would you do if you *believed* that a devil-worshipping cult was in control of your country and was trafficking children to rape them so they could drain a fluid produced during extreme trauma from their brains? And that also, Trump knew about it and was in the process of exposing the whole thing which is why the cult stole a general election in order to prevent it?

    If you *really believed* it? Hypothetically.


    My coworker who believe all that shit is losing his god damn mind. Lots of “Why wasn’t Biden arrested? Where’s the plan?”. It would be sad if we hadn’t been telling him for years it was all bullshit.


    If he really believes it, shouldn’t he be storming the capitol himself? Or at least be at daily protests. Why’s he working at all – this would be much more important? Why isn’t anyone funding Q’s army to actually do something – they’ve got plenty of celebrity followers with actual money. Where’s Kanye?

    It’s almost as it they’re just larping this shit and don’t really believe it at all.


    He may claim he wants a revolution but he would be completely unable to survive one. And honestly, he doesn’t really want one. If one were to happen his cushy IT job would probably go away. He thinks reading Q drops is educating and preparing himself for the coming revolution. He thinks owning bitcoin will save him when the dollar collapses.

    Mother fucker can’t even clean a fish.


    Ha! “Motherfucker can’t even clean a fish” is now my go-to insult. I intend to use it regularly, out of context and never explain.


    As seen on an 8kun QAnon thread:
    “Well, I’m officially the laughing stock of my family now. Awesome.”