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Bwahahaha! Chances of a blanket pardon I reckon are pretty good but imagine your freedom for the next 5 years relying on whether grapefruit Goebbels can be arsed to sign a document in the next two days. Scary.


“I did something illegal at the behest of a moron and now I might go to jail!” Boo fucking hoo.


You can’t pardon someone before conviction. Conviction isn’t happening in the next 2 days. Cry some moar!


I think you can if charges have been filed maybe even if the offence has been committed and is known to the authorities. So he could just pardon “everyone who committed X crime in X location on X date.” What he can’t do, as I understand it, is just say “I pardon Ivanka of any and all crimes.”

But I’m no expert, I just half-remember hearing that on Opening Arguments. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow and Wednesday.

*makes popcorn sounds*


I read in a couple places that a President can’t pardon anyone that committed crimes related to his own impeachment, which if true is tough luck for these jaggoffs. Besides… Trump famously likes people that DON’T get captured.