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    Joe Biden received $3,056,472 from those in the defense sector – more than any other candidate in 2020. It’s safe to say he’s going to try to start a few fires of his own.

    tiki god

    he got more from every industry because he was the preferred choice by nearly every industry. a nice safe and stable choice that would allow them to make educated guesses about what policies would be implemented and not introduce mad man chaos like DJT did.


    Are you going to tell me it was a total coincidence that the US went from being involved in two armed conflicts on the other side of the world to seven while he was vice president?

    I know, I know… “This is not the right time to criticise Biden. The mid-terms are less than two years away!”

    tiki god

    which conflicts are you including in your number? I know of Iraq and Afganistan, maybe some African dust ups, but I’m not sure how I could get to 7.