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Lock him up.


That lectern wasn’t cheap. He’s looking at felony theft for taking it.


I love that his lawyer, in a press setting, openly admits that his client committed a felony. Holy shit what a terrible lawyer. You say “no comment” and leave when the evidence against your client is overwhelming, not admit to the crime.


Maybe admitting to the felony and going for diminished responsibility due to extreme dumbassery is the strategy. Especially when that photo is exhibit A. But I’m no law-talking guy.

tiki god

The entire interview he did felt like a “oh fuck, I’m just going to throw myself at the mercy of the courts” situation.


Link’s broken for me – could be because I’m in the UK though.

It doesn’t surprise me, tbh. I mean, what are you going to say when they have *that* photo as evidence?

Though, you can bet it won’t be Trump’s defence in Georgia despite the fact they have *that* phone call as evidence, which to me is just as damning.


You’re not winning that case. Talk him into a guilty plea and get it over with.