Marvel Under Pressure To Retire Punisher Character And Logo

Should Punisher be retired for good?


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    This is why we can’t have nice things.


    Had a conversation with someone earlier about this topic. I think it might be time to retire the character and logo or the other option is to make the character toxic to the people that are currently idolizing him.Have him murder a swarm of nazis after one of them shoots up a synagogue. Have him murder a shit ton of militia dudes after one of them blows up a daycare. Have him murder a church congregation after one of them kills a gay couple and the rest of the members cheer for it. Have him murder cops who shoot unarmed black teenagers in the back, and then have him murder the cops that covered for them. Just make the character completely untouchable.

    Also have him continue to murder the mob, human traffickers, drug and gun runners, and get some money launderers in there.

    Might have to make this into a rated R movie or TV series and with Disney fully in charge, that might not be likely.

    Problem is, a lot of people that wear the logo don’t read the books or know shit about the character except he has an arsenal and is a walking death match. It’s obvious a lot of these people don’t know anything else about the character. If Frank Castle were real, he might have been in D.C. that day, but I think a lot of these terrorists would have been very surprised to see which end of Frank’s gun they would be facing.


    I’d have him take the piss out of the Proud Boys and their stupid little initiation ceremonies directly.

    Or of course, make him gay. Or a girl. Or trans.

    Last edited 1 year ago by Sindig0

    They already kinda tried to do that with this. But yeah. They should take it the next step and have him start hunting down these terrorists.

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