Twitter Says It Banned Trump for Life

The social-media giant pulled the plug after he kept inciting violence and lying about the election following the attack on the Capitol.

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    tiki god

    History in the making, every day this week so far.

    I have even odds of him being out of office by Monday.


    I’ll take that bet. What do I get if I win?


    I doubt it.
    But less than 2 weeks regardless….so yay…


    This is very good news.

    Old Tofu

    did anyone else watch the video of him calling the rioting in the capitol a bad thing get a weird feeling watching it? almost like someone dangerous had pulled him aside and told him to read the prompter word for word or else . . . his eyes never leave the teleprompter, not his usual ramble anywhere blathering . . . fucking creepy., now it’s back to crazy , lol

    tiki god

    I’m 100% sure that someone was off camera with a kill switch in their hands.


    Hey, at least he still has TikTok….


    TikTok banned him before he banned them!


    Years too late to prevent the majority of the damage.

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