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    tiki god

    whole bunch of shit’s jumping the queue because I expect that Donald Trump will not be the PoTUS for much longer, either by someone removing him from office, him getting a good deal to resign, or his death.


    Democrats will have complete control of the federal government for two full years They can :
    – pack the court
    – end the wars
    – cut monthly checks
    – guarantee healthcare in a pandemic
    – forgive student and medical debt
    – start fixing the environment

    If they don’t, you know who to blame. Hint: it’s not Putin, Mitchell or the orange man.


    I don’t realistically expect any of that.
    An end to the childish pettiness and and a little more competence and actual interest in governance would be appreciated though.


    They’ll still need 10 republican votes in the senate to get a lot of legislation through and they’ve got a Kyrsten Sinema and another guy who’s name escapes me right now who’ll block a lot of stuff. It’s not as easy as all that.


    EDIT: Joe Manchin is who I was thinking of.

    However – still a much, much better place to be in than we were only a few days ago.


    Edit (again ) *whose. Dammit.

    tiki god



    It’s going great, wouldn’t you say?

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