Terminator Dark Fate star Mackenzie Davis talks franchise fatigue ‘Six is too much now we know’

It may be time to shut down Skynet for a while and allow for Terminator franchise fatigue to abate. Recently appeaing on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, actress Mackenzie Davis opened up about the lukewarm reception to Terminator: Dark Fate.

I strongly feel like she’s wrong about franchise fatigue. I think she’s on to something though when she’s talking about the headbutting between the two creatives (Miller and Cameron), and I think that the franchise only works when there’s a singular strong creative leader that’s able to give a larger vision of what they want to do with the story.

For my part, I enjoyed Dark Fate more than the previous two entries.


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    Start with a good story idea, get a good solid script and allow a single director to film that script and you can get a pretty damn good movie with some “okay” actors at that point. If more projects focused on the story and script at the beginning they wouldn’t be trying to add shit in expensive reshoots and “fix” things in the edit. Franchise fatigue only happens when studios just want a sequel because they know it will make them money because of opening weekend and don’t give a damn if the movie is remembered or remembered well. This… Read more »


    I liked it. it was good, not great.