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    John McCain was a piece of shit. McCain never met a foreign interventionist war he didn’t love. He was misogynistic fuck who called his wife a “cunt” and voted to defund planned parenthood. McCain is perhaps singlehandedly the biggest contributor to paving the ground for a Trump presidency with his selection of vapid-but-dangerous dipshit Sarah Palin as his running mate. But hey, he was chummy with the press and a nice guy in person, so I guess it’s all just gravy. By all means go downvote me Stormy, for daring to criticize the motherfucker who thought bombing Iran was the… Read more »

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    He wasn’t a draft dodger though.
    So there’s that…


    We can dislike both of them for their politics. We can respect McCain’s military service while also criticizing him for his political leanings. People are complicated and just because we may respect one thing someone has done doesn’t mean we must allow for everything they’ve done. So yeah, both of them suck, one of them just started sucking sooner than the other one. I feel the same way about Dan Crenshaw. Thank you for your service dude, now quit being a shitty person. I’m not sure when we became about “all or nothing” when it comes to whether we like… Read more »