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Fuck that. It’s just a terrible idea on so many levels.
Take that money, divide it up and give it to every citizen over 18 that makes less than 100K a year, or sliding scale it for those making 200K or less, or Yang it out at 2K a month to everybody.
Fuck a bunch of whiners that borrowed to the hilt and got a class A education for it and all they can muster is regrets.
Those spoiled, entitled fucks should get nothing.

tiki god

did you ever sit through any of those student loan seminars? I did, they were heavy on the “no matter what you take, you’ll pay it back with your income from your degree!” and very light on the “oh and this is a 10% apr loan”. to fuckin 17 year old kids, that’s who this was sold to. what business does the government have making those types of loans? I should note this is for gov loans and not for private ones, and it only applies to the first 50k of what people owe. better to have that extra spending… Read more »

Old Tofu

yep , I’m spoiled as hell. was working 2 jobs , going to school 3/4 time , but my now ex never got off her ass , just blew through the money I did make till everything exploded. so now no diploma , no marriage , and about 10k in student loans. the spoiled entitled fucks you’re looking for have mommy and daddy’s money so they never have to take out student loans. quit watching fox news.


Any who says this clearly never studied anything beyond middle school.


I’ll bet anyone right now that Biden will pass a bill to reduce everyone’s student debt by $50.