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Doesn’t matter if it’s supporting Republican or Democrats, I hate dark money. But fwiw (and of course I want the downvotes), Democrats were the dark money winner for this election: More than half of the Sixteen Thirty Fund’s money came from just three anonymous sources in 2019: One donor gave more than $33 million, while another chipped in $29.3 million and a third made a $12.1 million contribution. An additional four contributors gave between $5 million and $10 million in 2019, and 11 more gave at least $1 million. Altogether, those 18 donors gave more than $127 million — more than 90 percent… Read more »

tiki god

I’ll agree that dark money is the worst, and the money that poured in from outside sources needs to be stopped, particularly when there’s no way to see who it’s coming from.