Obama beats Trump


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    tiki god

    what’s the context for this image? all I’m finding is reddit links that don’t actually contain the image, and one twitter thread (ha!) that suggests this is because local cities stopped responding to ICE requests because they couldn’t be trusted.


    So despite his anti-immigration rhetoric, Trump failed at that as well….?
    Not surprised.


    He said he would tighten immigration.
    He did the opposite….as your graph clearly shows.

    What part of that is hard to understand in your little MAGA brain….?

    Last edited 10 months ago by Gropegrope

    According to pew research, ICE arrests were indeed lower under Trump. An argument can be made that the treatment of detainees was worse under Trump, but there is no way around the fact that the Obama admin was doing this crap as well, and at a stepped up pace. No doubt the brunching liberals crowd will happily go back to not giving a flying fuck once Biden takes office.

    tiki god

    I’m still vaguely looking for the context of why the numbers are reported like this.

    Also, “doing this crap as well” is a pretty broad statement. Deporting people? sure looks like it. Separating children from their family and putting them into christian rape camps? doubtful.

    tiki god

    that’s shitty too, but has nothing to do with the graph … I don’t think at least

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