AOC is thoughtful

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    “I wonder how long before my nipples touch my kneecaps…”


    At least 40 years.


    I dunno, they seem to be sinking pretty fast from those college vids. LOL interesting to get down voted on here, I don’t hate her politics I just think she hurts the Dem party by mounting Primary challenges to safe Dem seats and driving the Party too Far Left to win. AOC and Bernie have a lot more to do with the rise of Trump then they or their supporters care to admit.


    Right. Because the only way to win is to constantly move rightwards – a decades long trend that has absolutely NOTHING to do with setting the conditions for the rise of a Trump, and only a fool and a communist would think otherwise.

    Old Tofu

    trying to blame bernie when BOTH sides are scared of him ruining their pocket filling policies. he wasn’t even running till the same year trump did , so actually the right had already gone to trump before bernie was even nominated , which he wasn’t. fact is if bernie had ran against trump instead of clinton trump would have lost.


    Headed south