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Yeah he’s a commentator with a political bias. Just like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper or Chris Cuomo, who are biased for the other side.

Old Tofu

“just like”??? not hardly , he contradicts himself every other day

Last edited 23 days ago by Old Tofu

That’s nice… commentators on the other side have opinions that evolve over time, too.


Lemon would never say any of this sensible stuff today.

Old Tofu

have you asked him or are you just assuming things again? you see in order to counter the argument you have to show them saying the opposite of what they said just a few short months ago. not drag out something from 7 years ago that he hasn’t contradicted in a current statement.

Last edited 22 days ago by Old Tofu

you don’t really need to read the full article, the punch line is…

“In other words, “any reasonable viewer” doesn’t actually believe what Tucker Carlson is saying to be true.”

Old Tofu

problem being that “reasonable viewers” don’t watch his garbage.