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    I can’t stand Trump but this is unmitigated bullshit.
    Still waiting for a Trump supporter to come out and say the same thing about all the untrue garbage being slung at Joe Biden by Trumpers.
    Waiting, but not holding my breath.

    tiki god

    You didn’t know about these kids that he fucked?


    I reported a comment on FB the other day that named *a public figure* as a pedophile. FB refused to take it down because it didn’t violate their terms of service???
    Wondering how long posts naming Zuckerberg as a pedophile would stay up… also wondering how I manage to survive as a human in the current timeline.

    I keep hoping things will be better after November, but unless it’s a huge and decisive Biden win that’s probably just the beginning of an extended period of further shit show… and a huge decisive win by either of them probably won’t be enough to keep that shit show from happening the way things stand now. Trump has the idiot fringe chomping at the bit to go full boogaloo crazy.

    tiki god

    this is how it’s always been though. Last minute news updates of bastard children, accusations of pedophilia, accusations of high crimes; it’s all shit that’s been out there since voting started.

    tiki god

    Snopes Says:

    source is: “Utterly deranged nutter with a mind unclouded by facts, evidence, or reason, who at least lets his bigotry shine through rather clearly in his ravings about world politics


    Kudos to whatever asshole put this garbage together. A special “chef’s kiss” emoji for the uncited claim that a court “diagnosed” him as a pedophile. This is going to do wonders for soothing the ruffled feathers of Trumptards that worry about “fake news”.

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