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I’m sure it’s the far right’s fault that everyone in Hollywoke looked the other way while Epstein, Weinstein and the rest were allowed to do what they did unhindered for so long.

tiki god

You’re conflating two separate but equally important issues.


Tell that to Corey Feldman’s shredded assshole.

tiki god

Now you’re misunderstanding what I meant for you to take away from my comment.

both issues are important, child grooming in hollywood (which this is not a hollywood film) and the far right’s obsession with fighting imaginary pedophiles that are coming to get your children from antfi BLM democRAT forums, as directly by their lord god QAnon.


He should have ratted on James Woods years ago….


Epstein hung out with a right wing crowd.


So Bill Clinton traveled on the ‘Lolita Express’ no less than 26 times just because of the food?


(stepbrotherism intensifies)


The Far Right needs everyone to focus on Hollywood so no one notices the rampant pedophilia on the Far Right. There is a REASON why a child as young as 12 can get married in many states (with parental consent and/or judge’s permission), and it’s NOT so two teenagers can get married. These states are predominantly red states.

If it weren’t for progressives, we wouldn’t have an age of consent in the first place.