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Are we really surprised? As we approach 200k dead in less than a year from this thing and a bunch of people keep trying to downplay it. This kind of shit is going to keep happening. I really wanted to take my daughter to an amusement park this summer too but I didn’t. Instead we’ve all taken up additional hobbies and are getting a lot of reading done. More people should try it. It’s 2020 and the internet exists. If you can’t find a way to entertain yourself at home you’re not trying hard enough. Stop trying to get yourself… Read more »

tiki god

It’s crazy to me, because people don’t even have to stay inside their homes, they’re more then welcome and encourages to get out into their neighborhoods or local parks and explore their cities, but no: they need to gather together in cesspools of viral contagions and death.


This is true too. I’ve been walking my dog a lot more than I used to. I hope that when things return to somewhat normal that I keep that up. Seeing a lot more people out in their yards or also walking their dogs than normal as well. Kind of cool. Neighborhood used to feel like a ghost town on week days after work.