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    You really need to get help, you know that?


    Grannie is brain damaged. Seriously brain damaged.


    False narrative.


    Kid was completely failed by his Mother, a Trump Cultist Q lover much like the poop deck swabber thrawn.


    Let’s make a murderer into some sort of bizarro world hero. Nazi Germany did the same thing, they were called them brown shirts.


    It’s absolutely wild that of the three people Kyle shot:

    Person number:

    1. was a convicted pedophile who served 10 years for raping an 11 year old boy
    2. was a woman basher who was convicted of multiple crimes including kidnapping
    3. was an armed robber who was illegally carrying a Glock

    3 hits = 3 felons. That’s a hell of a coincidence.


    It’s absolutely wild that you think the backgrounds of the three people he murdered makes ANY fucking difference whatsoever. He murdered three people in cold fucking blood. Tell me, how would you feel about someone going off on the horrible background of the Patriot Prayer MAGA chud that got domed by some idiot in Portland? I suspect you would find it irrelevant and distasteful at the very least. Though who knows, maybe not. Maybe you are as entirely void of empathy as your very stable president, and think that anyone that gets killed is a loser regardless of what side… Read more »


    Cold blood eh? Maybe in the Patriot Prayer “chud”‘s case, which indeed was a straight-up assassination.

    Let’s see if the teen’s self defense attempt actually works in court. Or should he just be sentenced to a guillotine from the get go (they did have one set up near the White House a few days ago, because protestors are students of history or something?)


    Self defense does not apply if you kill someone during the commission of a crime. You must be 18 to open carry in that state. Kyle is 17. He was committing a crime by openly carrying that gun, and therefore self defense is inadmissible.


    Gonna go cross state lines with an illegally acquired firearm so I can brandish it at mass demonstrators until I decide to shoot some of them in, errr, self defence. BRB.


    Oh, so we’re killing people with criminal records now? Time to gear up and storm some churches/temples/mosques to kill some pedophiles. Wanna come with?


    It does strain credulity, doesn’t it? Almost as if these are FUCKING LIES and the only sites that make these claims are known to be unreliable.

    And while we’re talking “illegally carrying firearms,” the age to legally open carry in that state is 18. Kyle is 17. Just by holding that gun there, he was committing a crime.