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    I don’t know which is worse.


    LOL. There is no process for not having an election. Whatever the hardship, the election must happen.
    Should it fail to. Well, that would be a good time to start taking action against the local officials responsible for it.


    Grannie is completely wrong as usual. Election or no, when the sitting President’s term ends, it ends, and he must leave. Whether or not it would be Pelosi to step in is up for debate if there is no election in CA, because she is up for re-election. I’ve read several scenarios, one of which ends up with Chuck Grassley in charge, because he is the longest serving member of the Senate, iirc.


    nice lady, HA


    This just in, NeoConTard Incels don’t like Women in positions of power. Not exactly fresh news.


    I’ll be beyond thrilled to get to vote for Nikki Haley when she runs in 2024. I wish Condoleezza Rice would run, but she’s probably more comfortable as a policy wonk than as a politician.

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    tiki god

    she may be one of the few people that aren’t in jail or under active investigation by then, so go for it.


    Go watch the video of Pelosi trying to drunkenly explain why it was worth impeaching Trump and not the actual war criminal George W Bush. Better still, go watch her drunkenly pretending not to understand a reporter’s questions about her husband’s insider dealings that made them rich while every one else could go fuck themselves.

    But who needs opinions based on reality when you have identity politics?

    tiki god

    was she actually drunk or were you just hangover and couldn’t understand her?


    You mean the video selectively edited by Fox News to make her look drunk? The same way Fox News muted the applause every time Obama gave a speech?

    There’s unedited versions of those videos that prove you wrong.