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    New deaths since Aug 01: source www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
    Spain: 343
    Germany: 93
    France: 203
    Australia: 261
    Japan: 124

    FaKe NeWs!!!11!!!!!!!!


    The US is having around 1200 deaths per day. So you should add the 1200 times 20 equals to about 24000 DEATHS since Aug 01 to your chart there.

    Old Tofu

    it says “on august 1st” , not since aug 1st. words have different meanings


    My source says:

    Deaths from Jul 31st to Aug 1st
    Spain: 0
    Germany: 7
    France: 0
    Australia: 7
    Japan: 4
    USA: 1199

    So, the graphic would not be 100% correct, but the message is still true.


    I mean, let’s split hairs here but the meme does say “on August 1” and the numbers you posted are “since Aug 01”. I was unable to manipulate the chart you posted to show just August 1 numbers per country. So since I’m in a virtual meeting that I probably didn’t need to be invited to let’s dig by looking at each individual country page. Your source does list a different death total for USA on August 1 of 1,123. As well as all the others. Spain – 9 Germany – 2 France – 3 Australia – 4 Japan –… Read more »


    So the meeting still had some value ;-P


    Yes, intentionally cheeky. But good catch with the difference between “on” and “since”. I misunderstood the chart. I did look all those countries and found 2 or three of them on the rise with deaths and cases. Picking and/or choosing a specific date to represent a “trend”, tho, is deliberately misleading. There are other countries above the 1 mil mark (India and Brazil) who have seen a steady incline in cases since May or June. So maybe “USA, #1” has been ahead of the curve all along . . . Yes, we are doing terrible in mitigating this crisis, to… Read more »


    “Picking and/or choosing a specific date to represent a “trend”, tho, is deliberately misleading.” I fully agree with you on that point. Trends and totals are probably much better indicators. Totals and trends as percentage of population and percentage among those tested would probably be useful as well. I’m choosing large swings to make a point with these examples and using the royal “you”. If you have 0 deaths one day but 100,000 the next and then 500,000 the next the significance of your 0 death day is pretty much meaningless. But going from 100,000 to 70,000 to 30,000 to… Read more »

    Last edited 2 months ago by Bolthorn

    A quick Google search says this is fairly accurate for the 1 day total in USA. They’re probably using a different source that NYT/Wikipedia, independently sourced totals vary a bit but well within a statistical margin of error.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.18.45 PM.png