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I really hope this bites them in the ass or we can at least count it up as another one of the administration’s failures when public support from Trump’s base shows that they also like the USPS. I prefer working with the USPS over any of the other shipping companies. Better rates and the delivery time is about the same. My mail carrier will also ring the doorbell and actually wait if it’s something that requires a signature, not just drop shit off on the porch, fake a signature, or leave the “sorry we missed you” notice without ringing the… Read more »


Trump right now sees the USPS as a Democrat Vote Delivery System. That is the ONLY thing he can see it as right now, largely because he can only think of things as a single use entity. He doesn’t care that he’s completely fucking over his base. He MUST be re-elected to avoid prison and Republicans have shown that they will not hold him responsible for anything. Dude could rape a 12 year old on live tv and Moscow Mitch would order the Senate pretend it never happened.