Jobs Who Cares About Jobs


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    he speaks the truth… working doesn’t seem to be a left priority when you are hucking bricks into businesses during “Peaceful Protests”… easier to take shoes and TVs rather than pay for them. why work?


    Your statement ,starting with the word “Working”; does seem to describe a small subset of of people. But it has very little to do along the lines of a meaningful contribution to this conversation and situation.


    This is definitely a rightcan’tmeme situation. Considering the size of the dumpster fire in a clown car at a shit show Trumpy is if this and the dementia BS is the best the NeoConTards have going for them their goose is cooked.


    I dunno Jac, I have, sadly, come to realize that there are a lot of determinedly stupid people on this rotating mud ball we like to call home; more in the U.S. than I dreamed possible.