Shining City on a Hill


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    Reagan was a piece of shit and the Trump of his day. He gutted social services, dog whistled like mad to fire up the racists, and even fucked up the pandemic of the time (the AIDS crisis). These rehabilitation tours of garbage politicians (Reagan, Bush, etc) make me sick, and I’m glad I probably won’t live to see the ads in 30 years showing Trump as the elder statesman filled with gravitas that everyone misses.


    Mind you, life comes at you fast. For instance, I really thought it would take longer to make GW Bush, the worst president ever until the newer worst one ever, a name to be intoned with nostalgia instead of rising gorge. And yet here we already are.

    tiki god

    caddy driving welfare queens was one of his creations for anyone that didn’t know.


    And I remember believing that shit too. Of course I was under 10 so I had an excuse. The adults in the country did not.


    Ahhhh… The wholescale application of trickle down economics… good times.
    For the scum at the top of the pond.