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So, if the original was commissioned, isn’t this vandalism?
I love how he doesn’t help at all.
She doesn’t have enough paint.
The way she’s painting, it’s still going to say “Black Lives Matter” just in black.
If you’re going to roller paint wear comfortable pants. I wouldn’t go with a skirt in this situation.


Damn! You hit every point I was going to. Thumbs up!


Less than 5 miles from home! I love how the plate number of their pickup is in the video but police are still mystified as to their identity. Tip-lines are ready to take your call!
The BLM street murals don’t bother me, but if it was my cause, I wouldn’t want people driving, littering, etc on the message every day. Can’t even make it out if there’s modest traffic.
P.S. Shouldn’t this be tagged “Racist” given the content revolves around race?

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tiki god



Maybe they could charge the people who tore down statues with some felonies, too?


Even a broken clock…