tall people problems

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    I know those problems.

    Taking a shirt off while under a ceiling fan is god damn perilous. I’m also tired of ducking in the shower. One day I shall have a custom bathroom designed just for me. It will be amazing.
    When I built my work bench in our new house I made it significantly taller than the plans called for. It sucks for other people but is perfect for me.

    Tall people of the world unite!

    tiki god

    I grew up in a house with 7 foot ceilings and fans that came down about 6-8 inches.

    I’m 6’6′


    Fortunately I had 8 foot ceilings growing up. The first house my wife and I bought though had 7 foot ceilings in some rooms. We removed the ceiling fans from those rooms. The new house, mother fucking vaulted ceilings and they are glorious! I can take my shirt off in our bedroom under the ceiling fan and don’t have to worry about slicing my finger open.