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American Gothic will always be, to me, a conservative father seeking to protect his daughter’s virginity from suitors that aren’t actually coming.

Which makes this comparison all the more apt: the gun couple is defending something no one actually wants to take from them.


There had been mass looting and arson just down the road from them.

Given that Minnesota is a Liberal Communist utopia and Minneaplosis is its HQ, and the fact that he is a civil rights attorney, the odds that he is in any way conservative are very low.


Not that it would matter one way or the other. It’s a pretty slanted hit piece, as this couple did nothing wrong.


Uh. Missouri and Minnesota are in two distinct different locations.
But thanks for playing anyway.


If they would have armed themselves and stayed inside they wouldn’t be memes.

Also, if you think people are going to storm your house, wouldn’t a better tactical position be from a second story window? Or hell, even a first story window in a darkened room? They were scared and reacted poorly.

Her trigger discipline is shit. And there are way too many photos where one of them is pointing their gun at their spouse.

They weren’t defending shit. They were overreacting.


Both can be true