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    Mailed tax refunds SS & stimulus checks Are routinely stolen.

    Draft registrations are not mailed to you. You have to go to a federal building and hand it in.

    No RX drugs that are abused/stolen are allowed to be mailed.

    Driver’s licenses, or other State IDs are not mailed. Nor, to my knowledge (which doesn’t include all 50 states) are CC permits.

    So, the only one of those that even slightly applies is a passport.


    This week, the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) announced its endorsement of Joe Biden for President of the United States. what could go wrong?…


    And they originally endorsed Sanders.

    If one candidate was repeatedly dogging on your entire industry, it’s pretty natural to endorse the other one. If the postal service goes away, have fun paying even higher shipping rates in this country. USPS does a far superior job delivering to the “last mile” of customers than any private firm ever would because it’s not profitable. Not everything in this country can be for profit.


    Not sure which state you are in but when Virginia switched to the Real ID license you walk into a DMV, prove you are you then a week later you get the new license in the mail.

    tiki god

    Here in Florida it was a same day system, I went in, proved I was who I was, then they printed it out right then and there


    “Mailed tax refunds SS & stimulus checks Are routinely stolen.” – And when caught these people are prosecuted. As it is also for anyone that commits voter fraud by mail. …and is on the delcine: “Draft registrations are not mailed to you. You have to go to a federal building and hand it in.” – You can also register online now. Directly on the page of that registration it says your confirmation card will be mailed to you. “No RX drugs that are abused/stolen are allowed to be mailed.” – Not true. Pharmacists and drug manufacturers can… Read more »

    tiki god

    Draft registrations are not mailed to you. You have to go to a federal building and hand it in.

    Mine was mailed to me, but that was over 20 years ago at this point. Other than military bases, I don’t think I would even be able to find a “federal building”


    Just ask Timothy, or Achmed…


    Normal people fill them out and the post office and hand them to the lady working there.


    I don’t think you know what “normal people” means for people registering for selective service in 2020. These are teenagers. Teenagers that have to register at this point are going to use the site I linked to above and most likely do it from their phone. Possibly the one exception a teacher would make in something like a high school government class for allowing cell phone use in the classroom. If registering online was an option when I had to register I would have done so and saved the trip too. I don’t know many teenagers, but I know none… Read more »


    my selective services letter came in the mail.


    Got citations on those? From a website that doesn’t look like it’s designed to give me viruses?

    (no, you don’t)


    If the GOP is so wonderful why are they worried about lots of people voting? I mean, as it is their voters skew older and probably aren’t going to want to go to the polls if the pandemic is still raging, GOP foot meet your friend GOP bullet.


    The vast number of older people who vote, have enough time in to, realize that Trump is not worthy of their vote.

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