Conan The Barbarian


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    It’s kind of unfortunate this is the only good Conan movie. But it is pretty damn good, especially for when it came out.

    tiki god

    I honestly enjoyed the one that came out with Jason Momoa


    I plan to try to revisit it at some point but my initial viewing I walked away mostly underwhelmed. I was unfortunately also one of those people who was in the “why do this?” camp for that movie so I probably was judging it unfairly.


    The first segment with young Conan, In Conan the Barbarian 2011, is hands down the best Conan story on film.


    I didn’t know a series was planned. That could have been pretty cool. Even if like the Bond films some are better than others. There was the Conan as King tease we never saw but as a kid I thought it was just a way to close out the movie.

    tiki god

    There’s still comments from Arnold every now and then about adapting some of the “King Conan” stories, I think they even got as far as pre-production on it once, but nothing’s happened yet.

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