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The article has something spot on, until NYC and LA theaters are open, no studio is going to push out a big budget new release. I can’t wait to get back into a movie theater but only when it’s safe to do so. I’d love to see how any of them plan to enforce the mask wearing policy. They can’t, or won’t, even enforce their “No cell phone use” policies most of the time. I also get that no one wants to sit in a theater wearing a mask especially if you’re eating or drinking. That has to be awkward,… Read more »


And I smell popcorn for some reason… no, really. I just started smelling popcorn. And I’m alone in the house.


Phantosmia; or is it? Better check the closets… bwahahahahahaaaa


I usually smell weed when I’m browsing MCS… and I live alone and don’t weed.

tiki god

signs of a stroke, innit?


That’s burnt toast.