Karen has a gun

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    Watching the video of this makes it look like this country is completely filled with morons. Should you trespass on private property? No. Should you come out of your house waving firearms at people? No. Should you have shitty trigger discipline while holding a firearm? No. Should you point a firearm at anyone you’re not intending to shoot? No. Should you be in handling a firearm with this much anger? Probably not. People calling their house a McMansion when it’s an actual god damn mansion is a minor annoyance in all this too. Also dude pointing the barrel of the… Read more »


    To be fair, the way some of the shots are framed and the fact that the couple in front of the house are, well, the people that they are, really makes it look like their 100-yr-old estate is a McMansion.


    Don’t break into someone else’s house.


    The street and side walk are in their home? That must be inconvenient.


    You mean that street that is private and not open to the public and behind a closed gate that was broken past.


    In some civilized States that would be more then enough to legally shoot you.


    I haven’t been able to find whether or not the street is actually public one way or the other. Basically, do the people that live on that street solely pay for the street and sidewalk upkeep? If so, yeah, they’re free to gate it off and deny access, but if taxpayer money goes to maintain that street, it’s free use. We had an incident here where a group of people tried to have a “NO THRU TRAFFIC” sign erected. When confronted with the fact that in order to do so they would no longer receive snow removal or paving service… Read more »

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