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    Bet you wished you’d been listening to all those crazy conservatives preppers now.


    Not shown: the nuclear exchange Between India and Pakistan because of the African locusts in India & foot shortage.


    You mean the same people that were unable to go without a haircut for a few months? No thanks. Do those people really think a barber is going to be open once that Yellowstone Eruption happens next month? They hoarded toilet paper but didn’t actually prepare for anything. Toilet paper is mother fucking flammable as hell.


    No. Not those people, and they are not preppers. Those are idiot panic buyers.

    Panicking idiot shoppers is a concern for preppers, and the debate rages about the last minute man max supply run during the start of eotwawki

    Imagine the negative cascade if people had started panic buying food, instead of useless TP

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