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    That’s different. I can see a couple of reasons NOT to do this.


    Bold and unconventional.

    tiki god

    someone ELI5? I’m dumb with cars


    5? Okay. When the car engine is running, it makes a shaft of metal spin. That spin is used in two ways. The spinning shaft pokes out the front and the back of the engine. Typically the part sticking out the front of the engine will have a belt attached to it and that belt wraps around all sorts of other devices that use that moving belt for mechanical power. One of those devices is an alternator, a miniature electrical generator. Electricity is generated as long as the engine is running and the belt is spinning the alternator. That spinning… Read more »


    I watch quite a bit of drag racing on the YouTubes but I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this. You want your inter-cooler and everything running before you get off the 2-step. What good is this?