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    tiki god

    no clue, you got a full 5 stars from me


    It could be the “…attacks on police stations…” part of that circle. I mean, I agree with a lot of this, but I don’t know if ‘attacks on police stations’ is okay. Because of that I give it a 4 stars. There is currently a lot of fucked up shit going on in general. I’ve got friends who are super concerned about Covid shit, others that don’t give a fuck about it at all. I’ve got friends that live in areas being affected by riots. I’ve seen pictures of cops in my city with tape over their badges and body… Read more »


    I am glad I read the comments, You said it more eloqeloquently than I.
    It’s the word “ALL” in the lower left balloon that bothers me the most.


    Attacks on police stations are a legitimate way to get arrested, beaten or shot, maybe all three.