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As much as OAN is absolute fucking garbage, this is a bullshit decision since it interprets the phrase OAN “really literally is paid Russian propaganda.” as meaning it is “really NOT literally paid Russian propoganda”. Fuck this erosion of language. Fuck it in the ear.

…now get off my lawn!


Literally or actually….?
They don’t mean the same thing….


She said “literally”, I believe. But actually, I always thought they were effectively, if not literally, synonymous.


No, the current more sarcastic meaning of literally has become more common than the original meaning.
Literally means figuratively now….”I literally died”.
Language changes and evolves.
Blame the millenials if you want….


I don’t give a flying fuck if the incorrect usage is all hip and au courant. It’s still fucking wrong. Goddamn it, it’s literally driving me up the wall. (VROOOM VROOOOOM!)

tiki god

but they are literally paid for by dark money, so good luck figuring out who’s paying for what.