Times Have Changed


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    tiki god

    imagine being so anti-social that you don’t care about your neighbors at all.



    tiki god

    You’ve missed two steps in there: People that are high risk should be doing the shelter in place “thing”. People that come in contact with high risk patients should also shelter in place. People that come in contact with service providers to high risk patients should shelter in place. That pretty much covers everyone in the country, because after all we’re all only like two steps away from Kevin Bacon, I can only imagine how close we are to people that are either high risk or provide services to the high risk population. We’re not even 1/4 of the way… Read more »


    These two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other… unless you’re a delusional right wing dumb ass.


    Unfortunately there is no shortage of delusional right wing dumb asses and no danger of them going extinct. DJT made it OK to be cruel loudmouth moron again.


    I’ve seen this image before and trying to compare WWII with a pandemic in this fashion is fucking laughable. I mean, except for the part where America ignored both threats for longer than we probably should have. Actually, maybe it is a good comparison then. We waited far too long to do what we should have done in the first place. Now we have to play catch up because doing what was right wasn’t what was popular.


    Of course the Virus has killed more people than Vietnam, both Iraq wars, and the Afghanistan war, plus everyone that died on 9/11 and all the mass shootings in the last 40 years, in the space of 4 months… so there’s that.


    We’re losing more than 9/11 every day.


    Alaska is reporting a 78% recovery rate, fool. Look, the Epic Games Store just released Civ 6 for free if you claim it in the next week. Your bored ass now has something to do besides spreading dangerously false info.