Fear Strikes


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    tiki god

    It’s almost like whoever made this list has no clue about the history behind each of the items. I lived through all these, and to start with, Y2K was a massive effort by millions of people to update billions of data entry points and lines of code. It’s only through that massive effort that the entire system didn’t come crashing down. There’s a couple fake ones in there just for shits and giggles I guess, and a few that did actually kill a whole bunch of people, then resulted in a much stronger response to the next pandemic of it’s… Read more »


    Technically, the Y2K panic is from 1999.
    I note that they did NOT mention Al Queda coming to kill us all, when they certainly killed a good amount of people.


    As long as “Turn off the TV” isn’t followed with “Believe any and all random bullshit people post on Facebook”.

    Old Tofu

    since no one said that any of these things were going to “kill us all” I have to assume the writer is an uneducated buffoon who spreads hyperbole

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