I fucked up the submitted posts like 3 years ago

In an update that only I’m going to really give a fuck about, when I created the new upload engine a few months ago (years?) I somehow managed to fuck up which category the posts were going to, so nearly all of them went to the “video” category instead of whatever it was supposed to go to, so now I’m going through nearly 7,000 posts to figure out if they were supposed to be video or not.

At the end of the day it doesn’t even fucking matter, but I care about it, so I’m going to spend the next three months fixing this shit.

Tell me I’m doing the right thing please.

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    You will successfully unfuck the fucking fuck you fucked when you were trying to unfuck the other fucking fuck you fucked. The number of fucks and unfucks involved is un-fucking-believable.


    Refining a pet process is always a good idea, if it matters to you.


    You’re cyclically try to unfuck, the thing you’ve fucked in the past, because you were thinking that you’re unfucking something.

    I think there maybe some deeper issues behind this.

    Old Tofu

    we may have to call Karen about this


    I sort and organize my porn for me, and no one else. You do you.


    So that’s why storage on the cloud has been getting sparse. 😉