Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification: All You Need to Know Before Taking Its Prerequisite Test with Exam Dumps

It is one of three associate-level credentials for the Amazon Cloud-based platform. For this certification, you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge of core AWS uses, services, and best practices of the fundamental AWS architecture. The candidates should also have the proficiency to develop, debug, and deploy Cloud-based applications with the use of AWS. But what else should you know or possess to be the perfect candidate? Let’s find out.

Requirements and recommended experience

Basically, the Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate certificate covers five domains, which include development, deployment, security, refactoring, and troubleshooting &monitoring with AWS services. There is only one exam that you are required to take in order to obtainthiscredential –DVA-C01.

There are no official prerequisites for taking it but it is recommended that the examinees have a year of hands-on experience in the design and maintenance of AWS-based applications. They should also have good knowledge of basic AWS architecture standard best practices as well as services and uses of AWS.

Format and content of Amazon DVA-C01 certification exam

This is a130-minute exam that covers a wide range of topics within the certification content. To register for it, the students are required to pay the fee of $150. The exam patterns may include multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Also, please note thatthe test is available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Moreover, you should have the basic knowledge of at least one high-level programming language as well as understand the core AWS services. Now let’s cover the details ofthe exam objectives.

To ensure your success in the certification test, it is critical that you understand the details of the content and choose your materials carefully based on these topics. There are basically five areas that you have to study while preparing for the DVA-C01 exam. Each of these objectives has a specific percentage, which suggests the possible weight of questions that may be expected from it. Let’s look at these in detail.


  • Deployment (22%)


This domain requires to develop skills in deploying written code within AWS with the use of accessible CI/CD pipelines, patterns, and processes. There is also a need to understand how to deploy applications with the use of Elastic Beanstalk and designserverless applications. The candidates also need knowledge for the preparation of the application deployment package that is to be deployed in AWS.


  • Security (26%)


This subject requires that the students have skills in making authenticated calls to AWS services, implementing encryption with the use of AWS services, and also implementing application authorization and authentication.


  • Development with AWS Services (30%)


This requires expertise in writing code for different serverless applications and translating functional prerequisites into the design.The skills in implementing application design to application code and writing code that can interact with AWS services with the use of AWS CLI, APIs, and SDKs are also required for your success in the exam.


  • Refactoring (10%)


This domain covers the individual’s skills in optimizing applicationswith the goal of making the best of AWS features and services. It also focuses on migrating the current application code to function on AWS.


  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting (12%)


The examinees need to develop skills to write code that has the characteristics to be monitored. They also need to understand how to carry out root cause analysis when faults or defects have been found in production or testing.

Preparation options for any student

To get started with the preparation process, we recommend that you evaluate your current knowledge level of the exam topics. This can help you determine the extent of study you need to cover to a satisfactory level. It will also help you plan your study with a clear idea of how long you need to prepare before taking the test. You can carry out this evaluation exercise by going through sample questions. These can be found on the official website and if you purchase the study package provided by Prepaway. What else you can do? Let’s take a look at these preparation steps.


  • Read white papers and recommended books


If you can, read books as well as white papers in preparation for the test. You can find a lot of information from them and this can help you achieve the success you desire.


  • Take online training courses


If you don’t have the luxury of time to go through book resources, it is recommended that you take online training courses. They are self-paced, which means you can take them at anytime that is convenient for you. You can even watch different training videos while transiting from work to home and back.And the good part is that you can watch the courses over and over again until the content sticks to your brain.


  • Take more practice tests


When you have taken your time to prepare with study materials, the next step is to take more practice tests to evaluate your current understanding of the content. By the end of your preparation, your knowledge level should have significantly increased and you can easily identify how much you have learnt by checking the result of the mock test. It is recommended that you work through the braindumps from Prepawaybefore taking the real certification exam.


As you can see, during your preparation, it is critical to learn all the exam topics by hard to gain all the required skills and knowledge. Use study guides and video courses to help you form every piece of information into a full picture.It is also recommended that the candidates familiarize themselves with the exam pattern to develop competence in the test-taking skills. Use practice questions to help you gain mastery of the content as well as the pattern. In this case,you can use the Prepaway website. It has a huge collection of exam dumps that you can use for your preparation along with other prep resources.Following all the recommendations, you will achieve success that you aspired to. Good luck!

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