Wonder woman says clean hands are safe hands

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    Old Tofu

    why is she telling everyone to fuck off? that’s what the arm gesture means


    I also wondered that.

    Old Tofu

    tried asking this asshat why on instagram now they’ve blocked me

    tiki god

    it’s a pretty silly question to be honest, she’s flexing and holding her bicep, which I would assume is a well known muscle maker move.

    Old Tofu

    no ,it’s really not. you might be thinking of this but it’s obviously different , she’s garbbing her shirtcomment image

    tiki god

    well shit, you’re right, but I wasn’t thinking of that image, but it’s dead on.

    I was thinking something like this:
    comment image

    Old Tofu

    this dude looks like he’s checking if it’s time to switch hands so one arm doesn’t get bigger than the other

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