my name is felix

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    okay, seriously tiki… you really should move this thing into the 21st century and make it capable of reading unicode. this “?? ???????? ?? ??? ????? ?????? here’s the video but like better quality (=`?´=) ???????? ???? ??? ??????.
    ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??????” is getting really annoying.

    and, while your at it, you should also program your collection-bot to collect images that DO NOT require you to log in to somewhere in order to see the image. i come here to see images, not to have to log in to somewhere else to see images. 😒

    tiki god

    you shouldn’t have to log into twitter to see the oembed. all that content is coming directly from them, so all those question marks are what they wanted you to see.


    the question marks are NOT what they wanted you to see.