Exam Dump Myths Debunked: Use Them to Prepare for Your Microsoft 70-462 Exam

When you type an exam code you are most likely to get many results of exam dumps for it. But when searching about the reliability of the dumps we can see a lot of negative posts. How come they are so popular yet so notorious? In this post, we will be debunking all the myths about exam dumps while also exposing them. In addition to that, we will discuss how you can make the best use of this resource to face your Microsoft 70-462 exam.

What Is the Microsoft 70-462 Exam?

The Microsoft Practice Tests is one out of the three exams you are required to pass to earn the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification. The two other compulsory assessments are 70-461 and 70-463 by code. As 70-462 is an MCSA exam, you will be getting 40-60 questions to answer within 120 minutes. The topics you will be tested on are:

  • Installation and configuration (20–25%)
  • Instances and database maintenance (15–20%)
  • Optimization and troubleshooting (15–20%)
  • Data management (20–25%)
  • Security implementation (15–20%)
  • High availability implementation (5–10%)

To prepare for this exam you can use resources like the training course from Microsoft, books, videos, and so on. Now, let’s move on to the exam dump discussion.  

Truth about the Exam Dump Controversy

First, let’s get a clear idea of what exam dumps are. These are files that contain real exam questions and answers. They are usually given out by people who already faced the test. And that’s where all the controversy starts. Many people doubt the reliability of such dumps saying these are inaccurate words of a person. To find the most actual ones, you need to know where to get them, for instance, check one of the most popular and secure online platforms – ExamSnap.com. This website offers a wide collection of valid and updated exam dumps for various IT exams. Some files are free, some are paid and known as premium. So if you use them you won’t be facing any inconveniences while taking the actual assessment. For example, on this site, you can find expert-verified questions and answers for 70-462 and buy them in the format of vce file alone or as a part of the Premium Bundle.

Another thing people say is that even though they memorized all the answers they couldn’t get a perfect score. This is a mistake that many lazy candidates make. You cannot for sure pass an exam just by memorizing questions and answers from the files by heart, but you should understand the insight of the question. Thus, even if you meet a slight modification in such a question, you’ll choose the correct answer. So, be smart when practicing with them. 

Continue reading to find out how you can make the best use of exam dumps.

Why 70-462 Exam Dumps Are Worth Using

Once you have found a legit provider of exam dumps like ExamSnap, you can use these files for various exam preparation purposes like:


  • Familiarizing with the exam structure


By going through 70-462 exam dumps, you can check the structure of the test and gain skills to tackle various types of questions you will be getting. This helps you decide beforehand what the best way to approach each question is.


  • Finding your weak points


You can do the questions in the exam dumps and cross-check your answers to see where you went wrong. This helps you find your weak points and then you can work on them to improve yourself and avoid making the same mistakes again. The task is now simple to do 70-462 dumps from ExamSnap come with accurate answers as well.


  • Practicing


ExamSnap offers a premium bundle that includes 3 valuable products for your 70-462 preparation: an expert-verified file with 316 questions and answers, a training course with 108 lectures, and a study guide. All that you can purchase for just $39.97. Since the dumps offered in the vce format, you open them using the VCE Software. This tool mimics the real exam environment making your prep process interactive and effective.


  • Tracking your improvement


Tracking your improvement is very important. You can do it by recording your scores from every 70-462 test you take and checking whether you’ve advanced. If you seem to be stagnating at the same grades it means that the study technique you’re using is not working. If that’s the case, you can try some other method and see if there’s any progress. After the completion of training one file in the VCE Player, you can see our result, find weak areas, and focus on them.


  • Time management 


Managing time is crucial in exams. Having read books and attended training courses, you should implement your knowledge and skills within the allocated time for the exam. To pass 70-462 assessment you will be given 120 minutes. Train as many times as needed using exam dumps with the VCE Player to complete all the questions (40-60) for 70-462 exam in time. You can use the strategy of tacking the easy questions first, and then focus on the tricky ones. 


  • Building your confidence


By using exam dumps you become familiar with the exam environment. So when sitting for the actual exam you will be feeling right at home. Which means there will be no time wasted due to nerves. Moreover, as there is a very high chance of getting similar questions like the ones in 70-462 exam dumps from ExamSnap, you will get a boost in confidence and be able to perform better at the actual test.


Microsoft exams are tough so it’s crucial to acquire legit preparation resources and use them wisely. Now, you know more about exam dumps and how exactly they can boost your preparation for the Microsoft 70-462 exam, which will make you a step closer to the MCSA certification in SQL Server 2012/2014.

Visit ExamSnap.com for free and paid dumps, install the VCE Player to use them, devote enough time for studying to become a certified professional.


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