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Look. I’m all for impeaching President’s for doing anything that the constitution doesn’t allow.

But Congress is never going to do it, because they are just as guilty of ignoring the constitution.

Pro tip. The federal government has no constitutional authority to do anything about healthcare. At all.

tiki god

why do you feel the federal government has no authority to help it’s citizens?


Because I can read the constitution.


The General Welfare clause could be argued to give the government authority to provide healthcare. There are many interpretations to this clause and while you may not agree with the more broad interpretation that would allow for that, it’s there and this has clause has been a point of contention for a very long time.

tiki god

Evidence suggests that you haven’t taken the opportunity to. You’ll find that this isn’t a document that’s immutable and unable to change, but is in fact able to be interpreted as the times require.

see: second amendment.