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So, four more years of Trump then… The DNC is ridiculously stupid.

tiki god

Yep, but he says to keep voting for him in the remaining races, so he can pump up his delegate counts for the conference


I’m too drunk and to German to understand this. Who is voting for whom where? What conference?

Biden is set against Trump in the general election, right? This is all that matters. So Biden will loose against Trump, because no one will support a stupid Alzheimers fart, who is also representative of the hated establishment. So Trump will win. Period.

I weep for you. For us all. Bernie would’ve had a chance.

tiki god

so the way that the democrats do it, and to a lessor extent the republicans do the same thing, is that the votes that people individually cast for a candidate are actually not for the candidate themselves, but for delegates to be sent to the National Convention to ‘officially’ nominate the candidate. Since Sanders is going to have a lot of delegates, he’s going to be able to swing the party towards his policies and ways of thinking, either by making some noise at the convention or by refusing to allow them to vote, which I don’t think will break… Read more »


I will try again tomorrow understanding what Bernie’s influence is still worth now, with less vino. But I don’t see any progressive policies Biden would have to adopt. He will never embrace any policies that are generally regarded as “socialist” in the U.S.

I would overall regard his punch in the upcoming election as extremely weak. How could anyone perceive this differently? Trump is set now, and that’s a fucking tragedy for all of us.


He hasn’t dropped out, he’s just suspending his campaign. He’s still on the ballot and fighting hard for the common American. In the meantime, Joe Biden is HIDING. Wouldn’t it be funny if Bernie won every remaining state because of that?


So Bernie is still in? This is really confusing…


I want to know who Bernie would have chosen as a running mate.