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Just going to ignore the fact that for months the WHO denied it was a pandemic.


Sometimes I wonder if you understand that that is first, untrue, and second, EVEN IF IT WERE, it is not even close to a defense. Is it that following the Orange Shit-Stain makes you incapable of understanding logic, or is it the lack of logic that makes you a Drumph supporter. I mean, which is the cause and which the effect just isn’t clear to me.


And all of that doesn’t change the reality that the previous 4 administrations have made us economically dependent on China, and for longer then that Europe has been economically dependent on us. Which President Trump has been warning about, for decades. Not just China, but about being economically dependent on even allied nations, such as Japan. You can’t just close boarders Because of the pesky lack of a wall, but because of we did, millions of people world wide would starve. From food shortages, then because their economy would collapse. America can, and should, stand alone. The well wisher and… Read more »