underboob carrier

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    That is appendix carry.

    There is underboob carry: see flash bang holster.

    This is not underboob carry. It is appendix carry with underboob.


    Figures you’d also be pedantic about guns. It’s still a good way to shoot yourself in the crotch.


    Which is one of the 2 reasons I don’t carry a glock.

    The other being their just over priced hipoints with a worse warranty.


    OK advice please: I always wanted a Desert Eagle, yay or nay? If yay which model? Lust for the 50.


    I make the following caveats. I am assuming this is not your first and will not be our only gun. Although they are well made by one an extremely good company, there are better choices, simply because a semi-automatic pistol is not the ideal choice for a high powered/large round. Revolvers are widely consider simply a better design for big / powerful rounds.

    Example: according to wiki: cited here:


    The 44 mag as a slight edge in power, and of course can shoot cast bullets, which penetrate more. Likewise, there are many more choosing in 44 mag ammo.

    Which doesn’t even consider the stupidly powerful hand cannons (revolvers) that make .44 mag look like .22s.

    So all that said, if you like the D eagle get it. I would however suggest you get the drop in 44 mag barrels, as that ammo is cheaper to shoot, and easier to find.

    I would all suggest getting a model with a factory compensator.


    The Appendix is on the other side.


    Yea I know, but that is the term used for 1 and 11 o’clock carry.

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