These floating Petri Dishes

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    Maybe countries should examine their punitively high taxes if shipping doesn’t want to fly under their flag.


    Sure. Why should shippers be forced to subject themselves to greater oversight, tighter regulation, higher safety standards & so on when they can pay much less & let others bear the hidden costs of that “free market” decision since they know profits are privatized & losses are socialized.


    America’s taxes are the lowest rates they’ve been in all American history, and we’re suffering for it. Stop pretending we have high taxes. We DON’T.

    Rich assholes just don’t want to pay ANY taxes. Doesn’t matter how low the taxes go, they ain’t paying if they can avoid it. Doesn’t matter that civilization has a cover charge.


    What I really want to know is why hasn’t Thrawn moved to the one true libertarian paradise on earth yet? (Somalia)

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