Effects of the 15 trillion stock market booster



That money would’ve been better spent on containing the virus and making sure people could still pay rent while not working (if they’re not crucial workers). Instead, Trump wanted to save the stock market for the sole purpose of winning re-election. And it failed. Welcome to your personal Watergate, Donnie!

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    It is almost like you’re supposed to keep 6 months of food, water, ammo, & cash on hand in case of personal emergencies.


    That’s $50,000 of tax dollars taken from each man, woman and child in your country. More than a year’s wages for the majority of American families.
    For a momentary blip to stoke a small man’s ego.
    Straight down the drain………..

    tiki god

    how much water would that be? I can understand the food* and cash, but ammo and water are way too silly to hold on to for six months.


    The water reference supply and purification.
    IE a well, rain catch and store system, filters & so on.

    Many gun owners, due to frequent panic buying induced shortages, advocate keeping a minimum of a lifetime supply of ammo on hand.


    “a minimum of a lifetime supply” lol. Sure, dude. Sure.


    I can provide citations. That is the commonly held belief on PAFOA. Of course it doesn’t account for ammo dumps you have cashed elsewhere, what you need for the boogaloo, for your children, & so on.


    You really aren’t right in the head Granny…

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